Sunday, June 28, 2009


What I scooped up: Greek yogurt, cucumber, sweet potato, mahi mahi, chicken, onion, lemons, green beans, blueberries, pink lady apples, peaches, bananas, paper towels, dish soap, asparagus, So Delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl, coffee, almond milk, and White Chocolate Peanut butter.

But I don't love the people who shop there (cough tourists cough, cough). Anyway, so today, Sunday, is the usual "get ready for the week" day. This entails, grocery shopping, cleaning, picking out all my awesome work outfits and workout outfits, preparing a lunch for Monday, etc.

I can't say how excited I get to be in Whole Foods and to be surrounded by pure awesomeness. I'm still 15 at heart (and in looks and mentality HA!), and when I get home, I must open each new item I've never had before, and have a taste. Today, I opened So Delicious' Coconut Milk. I could barely get home before I already imagined myself gulping the coconut milk out of the carton. So, I get home, and take a big swig, and then smiled from ear to ear! Where in the HELL has this been all my life? Anyway, I'm just glad it's here now.

Ok, so I'm off to start dinner, or as us southerners say, supper!


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