Sunday, June 28, 2009

Training. ugh.

Not as in, I hate training, but as in I disappointed myself. How, you ask? Well, I'm super competitive, and I'm even more competitive against myself. I'm a "self shit talker". In the same breath, I am a total night person and terrible at waking up early. ALL of my roommates can attest to this. (Oddly, I'm a total morning workout person.)

So, I woke up late on Saturday, which is my long run training day. I planned 2 hours of running at a 9:30 minute mile pace, but I only got through 1 hour and 20ish minutes. And the last 20 minutes I brought my running buddy with 4 legs, Joey, and she slows me down a little. I can't NOT take her with me, at least on a leg, because she LOVES running, loves it. She gives the best sad faces when I leave without her.

And today, Sunday, I had planned to run an extra hour, but I didn't have time. Boo me.

Well, off to a new week, with plenty of strength training, speed work, a middle distance run and a long weekend run and, of course, GYMNASTICS!!!

Did you see that my and Anna's running hero, Kara Goucher, won the 5,000 Meters at the USA Outdoor Championship?

Go Kara go!

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