Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

In honor of Fashion Week in NYC, Random Celebrities will be at random venues doing secret random things. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be at Bloomingdale's Restaurant Bartending; Justin Timberlake and Robin (aka Trace Ayala) will be at Saks announcing something (that he's marrying me), and more.

Today at 1:00pm EST, in my Facebook inbox, I received the best news of all the celebrities:


WTF, how excited am I? So!!!!! So excited!!!! I cannot wait. My mind is racing: I need a new running outfit; should I wear my running skirt (TBD)? What color looks best on me (blues, pinks, black, white); Should I spray tan myself (TBD)? How should I wear my hair (up); What time should I get there (6am); Should I do a run prior (yes); what should I eat for lunch (omg, who knows, maybe a Larabar?); and I need a real camera. Plus, I need to practice my picture taking skills- not my skills, my learning to be more photogenic and less idiotic.

Girl's got a lot on her mind. It's not everyday you get to meet your running superhero.

I will probably not sleep tonight.

I need a list of questions to ask her... More than likely I will end up looking like a deer in headlights, but with a huge grin slapped on my face!


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