Monday, September 14, 2009


I can say that Fashion's Night Out was a SUCCESS! It's not everyday you get to meet your running idol! Let's recap, shall we!

I arrived at Niketown just slightly before 6pm. Checked my bags, looked over the running merchandise. Didn't buy anything (which I will cover later).

Waited around, met some runners, chatted about Kara, NYRR, the Nike Runs, NYC Marathon.

At the check-in table, if you wished, you could submit a question for Kara to answer. Of course, I had millions of questions, but what did I write down?

"Will you be my running bff?"

Kara arrives, the Nike head coach person, went over her recent results, talked about her training and she answered a few training questions.

  • When she's training for a marathon she runs 120 miles per week

  • Tempo runs are 16-18 miles varying between 5:10 and 5:30 minute miles

  • New York Marathon is hard! (even for Kara)

  • Writes a letter to her family before each race (cute)

  • Is very emotional after a race, and although we may not see it on TV, she says she cries at EVERYTHING (even while talking about crying at everything after a marathon)

  • She is taking the next few months off (I think she and her husband, Adam, are trying to have a baby-that's only my guess!)

This is how close I had to sit to Kara: (Not that I minded, but it was a weird angle)

She is TALL! And she is little, but she is also lean and strong. She is gorgeous and has a fantastic smile!

Then came time for the submitted questions! My question was the first one asked, and besides saying "Yes!", she laughed. It lightened the mood and I think I asked the question that everyone was thinking.

Me and my new BFF Kara!


Now, Fashion's Night Out was all around Manhattan (Tiffany rolled out a BLUE Carpet) and this was the exit from Bergdorfs:

Madness I tell you, madness! But the overall mood was excellent and the weather was PERFECT! I couldn't ask for a better night! (Only I wish Anna was there!)

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