Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I totally had a blonde moment and forgot to blog about my actual RUN with Kara!

The length of the run was 3 miles but included a warm up and stretching!

The run was divided into 7:00 pace and faster (not me), 8:00-9:00 pace (where I jumped in), and 9:00 beyond. The run was against the normal running traffic and was mostly UPHILL for the first 2.5 miles. I was sucking wind, but I did not stop until I had to tie my shoe.

Mr. Nike Triax timed me at 32:00 total and I was pissed when I looked at it. PISSED. That's like a 10:15 minute mile??? I haven't run like that in a looong time. I continued to be disappointed in myself until I LOOKED at my results and pace on Ms. Apple (my computer). Hello dummy, I we ran 3.6 miles (I'm guessing that's with the warm-up) and my pace was an average of 9:00 miles. WHEW! I was RELIEVED!!! Recap:

Distance: 3.6 miles

Time: 32:00

Pace: 9:00

Why are night runs so hard for me??? Why am I TERRIBLE at waking up early??? My goal by the end of this year (gasp!) is to become an EARILER riser.

And just so you remember my new BFF:

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