Tuesday, August 11, 2009


See this? This is what happens when you step in an ant hill. I know I destroyed their home, but geeze! It was an accident! Those little jerks climbed inside my shoe and bit me repeatedly. this was over a week ago, and they are STILL itching so bad it keeps me up at night. Ugh!
I tried to do a 5 mile run yesterday for the first time since I had the cold, then got the bites. It has been painful/ itchy to put a shoe on that foot, because, like I said, the tiny jerks climbed in my shoe and bit me repeatedly. It was a very HOT HUMID and ITCHY run. Kind of like torture. It was 94˚ and about 96% humidity. And noon. I confess that was bad planning on my part, but I wanted to run SO bad! I ended up having to take several walk breaks, which I don't usually do anymore, but I had to reattach the duct tape and Band-Aids I had covering the bites ( I was trying to prevent rubbing because rubbing = itching like crazy) and hydrate. I ended up with a slow 3 miles, but hey.....better than no run, right?
BTDub....why did I just now try the little individual powder packs of G2?! Economical, portable, and refreshing!

I had an awesome salad for lunch today:
It was comprised of leftovers from my grilling and veggie roasting extravaganza this weekend!
mmm....sweet taters.

The combo of the warm sweet potatoes and roasted squash and zucchini over the cool spinach was divine. I also had a little feta under there that softened under the heat. YYYUUUUMMMEERRRSSS!

I love the hot/ cold combo. Like ice cream on a hot brownie or warm apple pie. Cold daiquiri on the hot sand.......HAHA!! What are some of your favorite hot/ cold combos?

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  1. Greek yogurt on a baked potato, greek yogurt on a sweet potato, and duh, grilled veggies on a cold salad!