Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things I have learned this summer

Sigh. I am in my last week of summer vacation. I realize most 29 year olds don't get summer vacation, but since I am a grad student, I do. And I needed it. During the semester I am a full on crazy person, stressed out to the max, and exhausted and cranky. This summer break has been great.....but i didn't totally turn my brain off! I learned some things. Some I learned through research, or my awesome job, some I learned the hard way ( which is evidently my fave way to learn.) So without further adue ( how do you spell that word?)

Top 10 Things I learned This Summer
10. Shaq is really good at alot of sports.
9. I am a pretty smart cookie. I believe my education is sticking. Good.
8. I am even more obsessed with peanut butter than I originally thought.
7. Gall Bladder surgery is serious business.
6. My husband is an excellent ceiling fan installer.
5. Time magazine is ridiculously ignorant.
4. If you treat your body nice, it will return the favor. It is your Temple. Respect it.
3. Fire ants are black....who knew?
2. Pei Wei's veggie and tofu substitution for meat in their dishes is unbelievable. So Super Duper Yummy
And the #1 thing I learned this summer:

ANT BITES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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