Thursday, August 20, 2009

Various Awesome Blogs

Yesterday, I stumbled upon awesome blog after awesome blog and I thought I would share. Because that's what I do.

Eat, Live, Run: written by Jenna-I've been reading hers for a while (my first blog to read!!). She has easy lunch and dinner ideas. Also, she's a pastry chef. Saywhat? We'll be right over, Jenna!

Healthy Tipping Point: written by Caitlin-I read about 75 pages yesterday. Me likey. Very positive and motivational!

No Meat Athlete: written by Matt, a marathoner, vegetarian! Yipee for no meat marathons! Also nice to have a male's point of view.

The Runner's Kitchen: written by Megan-a runner since high school (and she's fast, people!). Also fellow New Yorker. I like to see where her NYC adventures take her!

Fitnessista: One of Anna's fave's. I like her recipes! Healthy and they look delicious!

Things to do While Unemployed: And of course, one of my besties, Stacey Logan. Hers is foul and funny, kinda like a married version of Tucker Max. SO really, nothing like Tucker Max, 'cept writing styles.

I hope these keep you busy, yanno for a rainy day!


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