Thursday, August 6, 2009


Me Cookie Monster, me need cookies.
During college, one of my classes had a symposium of sorts (Psychology) and of course there was catering. I head straight for the cookies only to find one of my favorite teachers hanging around the cookie jar too. We discussed our love for cookies and agreed that cookies were in fact, the best food on Earth. When your professor says it, it's true.
It's definitely a week for cookies. I bought both boxes of cookies and the Le Petit Ecolier are gone. I shared veerry few with my coworkers. Very few. I pretty much ate them all.
The Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies are still available, as I type this. But I am pretty sure when I get home I plan on devouring them. Oops. Plus, so good dipped in Vanilla Coconut Milk.

This week has been a regular ol' week. Eatin' the leftovers of the gumbo and lasagna (go me!) is a rare feat and I also made tortilla pizzas last night and was STUFFED after one. Might be the fact that I shoved fresh Mozzarella in my face as I was slicing (one for you, 2 for me)!
Me and my boy, we got our new sofa this week and as soon as the apartment is clean, I will post some pics of me modeling how awesome it is. And when the table and chairs arrive, I will post ACTUAL MEALS at the table! I'm BEYOND stoked for a table. It's time to start setting the table again for dinner (yay) and talking instead of watching the tele hunched over our food.
T-minus 4 minutes until the end of my work day! Happy Thursday!

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