Friday, August 21, 2009

Fat Day

Everybody has those so called "fat days".

After looking at my tree stumps (aka, legs) in the gym mirror and deciding I should probably cut out all pasta type foods, wheat, anything over 100 calories, etc, I get an nice compliment from a fellow gym-goer. Muscle lifter said (in his opinion) I have "the perfect athletic body". I really did thank him because I was having a low self esteem body day. (Of course I realize men are always trying to get in girls' pants, so I said "thanks" and moved on).

But why am I posting this: because it goes to show that a. women CAN have athletic bodies and look fantastic and 2. because so many women are down on themselves and their appearance-it's ok to receive a compliment and TAKE IT!!!

Glamour Magazine (September 2009) did a month long story on a woman and how she felt daily about her body-and took pictures each day in the same bathing suit, in the same pose. The pictures were to prove that she looked the same each day to other people, even if she felt like like a giant walrus.
I also think body image has a lot to do with the food we eat. I know when I eat like crap, I feel like crap, thus making me have a low body image. I don't like to feel bad or look bad so this is why I eat healthy and work out. Plus I am uber competitive and I like to compete with mostly, myself.

I am posting my favorite strong, female athletes. And they also just so happen to be hot!

Who is your favorite female athlete?
(PS: I don't consider Nascar [driving] a sport therefore Danica Patrick will not be on my list])

Jennie Finch and Kara Goucher

Brandy Chastain

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