Monday, August 24, 2009

Say it aint so

In light of Morgan's awesome rocking female athlete bod post ( which I love) I decided to eat 2 cookies and appriciate my own athletic bod for the evening!

But I have some bad news....
1. You may have noticed no pics recently. That's becasue my camera is on the fritz! Ew. Electronics. I swear I would be happy with everything in my world being Flinstone-style. I am a technology grandma.
2. School starts...well, now ish. I did go buy a ( unpictured) load of school supplies, and a shiny new pink binder which will most assuredly make me smarter. I also bought a pack of the new multi colored sharpie pens, Yay for school supplies. This week is crazy with faculty meetings, GA meetings, and a department cookout. I am interested to see how healthy the "Health and Sports Sciences" department cookout is. Look out for a blog on that. My classes start next week. I will be taking an Exercise Physiology/ muscle morphology class, a research design and writing class, and a statistics class, so I can understand all of this research I will be desiging and writing about. I am teaching pilates. I am actually very excited in a nerdy way to impart wisdom on young minds! Hopefully my students will be engaged and actually care about this class. I would, pilates rocks. Can I wear a running skirt to teach in? Hmm.....
3. My training has been crappy these last couple of weeks! Although, ( silver lining up ahead) my lovely staph infection is MUCH better, and I actually put on a real shoe today, with laces and everything! Now if this huge scab would just magically dissappear overnight, I would be one happy camper.
4. I am already stressed about school starting back, but what I am most worried about is ( duh) nutrition when classes start back. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be teaching 3 hours of pilates, followed by an hour of spin that evening. What's a girl to eat?
What are some of your fave on the go foods? Help me out here people, I need a game plan!

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  1. Almond butter comes in packets.
    Apples pack up nicely. I think you're gonna need a new lunch pail and some cool tupperware to fit inside!