Wednesday, August 12, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Anna and I were gchatting about our top 5 foods and if we were stranded on a deserted island, what would the 5 foods be?

1. Avocadoes-duh
2. Coconut Milk (for drinking and also for making ice cream)
3. MiMi Roll from Sekisui-except I would change the imitation crab to Prime Tuna-yanno, for the health factor
4. Sweet potatoes-to make sweet potato fries, baked, mashed, smashed, tempura-ed, and sweet potato hash
5. Cheese-again, duh.

Oh! But I need to get wine on that list too! Hmmmmm. Well, I cannot get rid of ANY of those items! Maybe I can get rid of the cheese. Nooooo, I will need that for protein. Ok, I've decided to get rid of GULP, sweet potatoes. Sad, yes! Goodbye! But hello Red Grapes and Wine!

Then I decided I would need 2 condiments, which are very necessary:
1. Agave Nectar
2. Olive Oil infused with Salt, pepper, and crushed red peppers

This list could change tomorrow-who knows. I might want to add spinach, but no, not really. I'm on a deserted island, so obviously, my deserted island is a tropical one and if Anna and I are stranded together, then, well, she can pick 5 other items and we can share!

What are your top 5 foods?

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