Friday, July 3, 2009

Family time

Hey Kiddos!
Sorry to be so long between posts, but I have hardly sat down the past couple of days! My brother and his wife are in town, and so I have been hanging out with them. On top of that, my whole family is coming over to my house tomorrow for a cookout, so I have been cleaning like a crazy woman!
It's been a big rush around here, so I dont have food pics to show you, but I do have some food stories!
Yesterday for lunch I had an Amy's Indian Samosas wrap. It tasted soooo good, but even after my shower, and sweating it out in spin class I still smelled like curry!!!! Its like it was seeping out of my pores. Even my hubby said he smelled it. Blech! No more samosas for me.
Today I started with a green monster. The Hubby had some early bird work to do, so I was trying to get his tea/ breakfast ready while I got myself ready and out the door all by 6 a.m.! At work I snacked on a honey graham z bar, then came home to have lunch. I mad a BLAT. Veggie bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. It was super yummy, and of course I had some cherries on the side. I have eaten almost this whoel bag of cherries by myself!!!
I am about to head out to go run the Firecracker 5K. Both of my sisters in law, and a friend are running, and since it's 93˙ at least, I will probably just stick to their pace and do a nice slow jog. I am planning on a nice long run in the morning, and I dont want tired legs to start that off. Sometimes it is fun to just enjoy the company of your friends and family, especially on holidays. A lot of times we lose focus that the most important thing is to have fun, and that is what I plan on doing tonight! ( Plus the calorie burn for 3 miles is about the same if you do it fast or slow!...If you are slow, you are running longer, if you are fast, you are running harder, but shorter!)
Hope youa re all having a great holiday weekend, and I will catch up soon with pics!

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