Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleepy Bear

Hey there kiddos!
It's been a long day! Good thing I started with a green monster and some berries!

I headed to work to teach my class , then train a client. In between I had time to squeeze in a quick, speedy run. It was not QUITE as hot today, so that was nice.
I saw the cutest thing today. At the gym where I work, we have had a nest with 5 baby birds in it on our porch. They have just been hanging out, and waiting for mom and dad to bring food. When I go there today, all but one of the birds were gone! They flew out yesterday. One little feathered buddy remained. So we did what you should always do when you have lonely animals around, we fed him raisin bread. And lo and behold within 10 minutes of eathing the raisin bread, he flew out of the nest! He would get right on the edge, and lean forward ever so cautiously, then flap his wings and jump right back into the nest. Finally he commited to the moment, and jumped! You could just see the panic in the way his little wings were flap-flap-flapping, and within seconds he was clinging to the side of the building, looking back towards his nest. Instantly his dad flew over near him, flying in circles and chirping at him as if to say "See, Junior? This is how you do it." Then they flew off together. As many of you who know me know, i do not love birds, but this was one of the neatest things I have ever seen! It was so cool to see the interaction and communication between the little birdie family.
After work I came home and had an Amys burrito with avocado for lunch, with some cherries, and grandma pickles on the side. yum yum.

Obviously I hated it.

Then I went to my parents house because my HUGE shipment of Amazing Meal ( the veggie protein powder I put in my GMs ) came there today! YAY! And I had to get a few snuggles off the pup.
It was while I was there that I found out my brother has a completely torn ACL and will have to have reconstruction. YOWZA. He will be in town this weekend, so hopefully I will get some crazy swollen knee pics up here for yall to see. ;)
Dinner was out with my buddybudz, Lana, at Humdingers. Look at how much zucchini I had!!!!!!!

We ended our "date" with a trip to Whole Foods so she could get the ingredients for a GM.
While we were there I saw these little tiny baby bananas. Have yall ever seen these? I had not. I guess I usually buy my nanners at Costco, and therefore don't hang out in Whole Foods banana section.

Now I am at home, watching SoYou Think You can Dance ( love it) and snacking on more cherries! I cant get enough!

So did anybody see this in the news today? I think it's ridiculous, what's your take?

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  1. Did you buy any baby nanas? I wonder what they taste like!