Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Wine, Good Food, Good Friends

Last night I had drinks and an appetizer with a friend from Memphis who lives in the big bad NYC now. We've known each other since middle school-yikes! She and my sister were cheerleading buddies.
Anyhoo, we went to a restaurant slash bar called The Volstead where the DJ was "spinning" some awesome dance tunes! I ordered a glass of Cabernet and we shared Mac and Cheese pops. What are Mac and Cheese Pops, you ask? Mac and Cheese Pops are bite- size, fried pieces of mac and cheese- all on a stick! Saaaayyyy whaaaat? Anything 1. fried and 2. on a stick is automatically delicious.
We parted ways and I came back over to the west side to have second appetizers/dinner with live in.

We went to the Mexican restaurant across the street, Comida. I ordered a tempranillo (bold red wine) and grilled cactus quesadillas with a side of plantains. I must say, grilled cactus has a very unique texture and taste-kinda like a hybrid of a mushroom and a bell pepper! Delicious when you add the guacamole and pico de gallo! Plantains are my very favorite-I could eat them every day! The combination of the salty queso and the sweet plantain makes a savory delight in my mouth! I left perfectly full, but not stuffed! Thanks for sharing with me live in!

This was my day to sleep in and I did it RIGHT! I did not get out of the bed until 11:20 and BOY IT FELT GOOD!
I woke up and made myself a delicious brunch of toasted Ezekiel English muffins- 1/2 with peanut butter and raspberry preserves and the other half with Swiss cheese and a veggie sausage and a side of blueberries and a nice mug of green tea + kombucha! YUM!

I hope everyone has a wonderful vacation day! I''m off to run for an hour!


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