Monday, July 27, 2009

Not In College Anymore

I just realized that I have some form of OCD. I’m sure others have known this about me since day one.

I gave myself this past weekend to be “off”. I didn’t run or workout because I felt as if I needed a slight break. I don’t want to become burned out from running; the marathon is still 3 months away!!!
Friday, live in and I went to High Life Bar and Grill where they serve Japanese food as well as your usual bar classics. We ordered and shared the following: steamed vegetable dumplings, wok seared edamame, tuna and mango roll, salmon and cilantro roll, and a vegetable roll. A bigger plus is before 7pm, sushi rolls were half price!!! Cheap and tasty!
Next in our adventure we headed to our most favorite (new) bar: Dive 75. They have a fantastic Organic wine, candy is in dishes all over the bar, the jukebox is pretty good, and they have board games! to play! Brian and I started with Connect 4 (we tied) then moved to Scrabble where we couldn’t remember the exact rules for playing, so we stopped after my words were better than his. HAHA! This bar also has a fish tank and the fish like to stare. (Rude.) Alcoholic Beverages+ fish tanks=good conversation with the fish.

We got home and made some Morning Star Farms Spinach and Artichoke bites. YUM YUM!

Saturday, I slept in (usual) and woke up to a starving household. We headed over to Lenny’s and ordered breakfast/lunch: everything bagel, toasted, cream cheese; container of fruit and a black hazelnut coffee. I have an addiction to everything bagels. I am trying to stay away from white flour, as it is empty carbs, but throw an H&H bagel in there and it’s soooooo dang hard to resist temptation!

Live in and I had a nice little Saturday planned. Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, if we have time! We made it to only Bed Bath and Beyond, where live in was grouchy (hungry) so we walked across the street for a quick bite. PJ Clarkes, has no “quick bites”. Their appetizer list is about 3 fried dishes deep. So we decided to share the turkey burger, with onion strings (mistake) and a salad. I opted to only eat ½ of my half and no bread, but I finished my salad and I had a handful of the onion strings. The burger was good-it had jalapeno mixed in but I doubt we will go back. The place was WAAAAYYY over priced.

During lunch (at 6pm, mind you) live in says we should go out for a fun dinner, Rosa Mexicana or Spice Market. Well, Spice Market was “fully committed” for the evening but my friend Melanie wanted to hang out in the Soho area. Live in and I strapped on our college party shoes, and headed out. We met Mel in the Soho Grand lounge where we had a few cocktails. Mel wanted to booty dance. Badly. In New York, to booty dance, you must pay at least a bijillion dollars when going to a “club”.

In the end we trekked over to Bleeker Street, found a bar that was playing loud music and settled in. Danced a little, sang out loud and OF COURSE proceeded to Pizza Booth at 2am. Pizza Booth is probably the best pizza in Manhattan, so I ordered an ENTIRE pizza. Why? Who let’s me make decisions? I’m paying for it now. Although I didn’t eat any that night, for Sunday lunch live in and I shared 3 slices and a salad. Pizza isn’t for everyday, nor is it for me when I am dehydrated because now I am all puffy and swollen. Today is detox day. I already feel a little better, but I am sssllleeeeppppyyy!!! YAWN! This is gonna be a long week!!

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