Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sometimes, I Crave Kid Foods

Do you remember what you ate as a kid and do you ever crave those meals? Besides the hardy servings of fried okra in my childhood, I ate simple, easy foods, like most kids do.

Last night I craved a grilled cheese and soup. To compromise with the Live-In, we had Annie's Mac and Cheese (made just like the last post, plus a little added feta to make it a fancier), tomato soup ( I haven't trained Live-In to NOT buy products with High Fructose Corn Syrup, yet.) and a Morningstar Farms Chick'n Patty.

The Chick'n Patties are deeeelicious! I love all of Morninstar's products and I've often said we should buy stock in them!

My top 3 favs are:

1. corn dogs

2. chick'n patty

3. buffalo wings

Of course I can't end my day without a scoop of Coconut Milk Ice Cream and a glass of coconut milk.

Joey joins us for dinner each night, staring and drooling over our food. Last night, she found a new spot to hide her mac and cheese:

Haha! She literally had no idea the noodle was there. Oops!

Prior to dinner, I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes at a 8:49 pace and then did strength training.

  • Seated pulley row-23 pounds

  • Shoulder press-17 pounds

  • Lateral Pull 25 pounds

  • Leg Press machine 90 pounds

Joey also likes to wake me up between 4-5am to go outside to go to the bathroom. So this morning, she wakes me up at 4:11am and I smell smoke. I swear the smoke smell is coming from our building. I walk outside, smell it and look around. I don't see our building or adjoining buildings on fire. But I still smell smoke. I check every room in our apartment and decide to wake LI up.

He wakes up and smells it too. We decide it's not our building, but we see lights from a fire truck so we decide to go out front and see what's going on. I walk out (I forgot my camera, doh!) and count 7, SEVEN firetrucks just on our street! The ladders were hoisted into the air-it looks like we just missed them saving someone!

We were not sure what had caught fire, but it looked as if everyone made it out ok; so we went back to bed.

This morning I go take a look and it was our hang out spot, Comida, that had caught fire! Live In did a walk by this morning and said you could see through the floor, so the fire must have been in the kitchen! Yikes!

This message is for all, please have smoke detectors and check them and also have a few fire extinguishers stashed in your house! Fire gets out of control so quickly. And make sure your local fire department knows about your pets!


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