Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Give Us Your Money, We're Your Best Friends

Soon, we will be hittin' up each and every one of you for a donation to Best Friends Animal Society. It's also their 25th Anniversary; this couldn't come at a better time!

This November, Anna and I are running for all the helpless animals out there. They have no voice, so we are running to a place that gives every Animal a voice and a home: Best Friends Animal Society. If you have never heard of Best Friends, I suggest you hop on over to their website and read about their organization. This organization is responsible for rescuing animals during hurricane Katrina, taking in 22 Vicktory Dogs, and not to mention saving animals from being thrown away, tortured and abused. Their staff is amazing and talented. Their love goes way beyond their call of duty and they are truly everyday HEROES!!

It's also possible we can have a bake sale, or sell a virtual cookbook, or sell magic unicorns to raise money for Best Friends.

We will hound dog (hahaha get it!) you for your money, because it's for a damn good cause!! Plus, it's tax deductible. Double plus. To add one more plus, we will have a PayPal Account so you can electronically donate money.
Three pluses and Environmentally friendly, geeze, US Olympic Committee, give us a gold medal already.

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  1. I love Best Friends Animal Society! Edgin turned me onto it last year. Around Christmas time, they have these cool wine bottles (with pictures of different animals on them) you can purchase... All the proceeds going to the society of course. Great cause, ladies!! :)