Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Gettin' Hot Up Heerrrreee

So Take off all your clothes. Wait, what?

Yesterday I ended my day by hitting the gym right after work for some strength training. I focus on my entire body in strength training 4-5 times per week. When the ING New York Marathon is roughly 2 months away I will cut back, but not until then. I read all the time about Kara Goucher and her speed/strength/distance running, and hey, she's a hot momma and a fantastic runner-so let's do it!!

I always see some strangely shaped bodies while running in Central Park. Por ejemplo: yesterday I saw a very speedy woman with a 12 year old boys body. No lie. I know being fast is a goal, but if that body is the result, then thanks, but no thanks! I like my muscles with a side of curves.

Yesterday I did:

  • 10 minutes on elliptical for a warm up (at level 3)

  • single arm rows with 22 pounds 3x15 on each arm

  • bicep rows (I know, I need pictures) 3x 15 on each side 17.5 pounds

  • 20 squats with 25 pound bar

  • walked the floor 4 times doing walking lunges

  • chest press with 15 pound weights 2x12

  • overhead press with 10 pound weights 20 times

  • 40 crunches on the stability ball

  • 40 twist crunches

  • 20 leg raises (lying flat on back, raise butt off ground to work lower abs)

  • 10 v-ups

THEN I went home and took my pokey puppy on a run. She got a little overheated so I had to take my run slow with her and we ran a little over 3.6 miles.

I came home to live-in making dinner...honey chicken, breaded with whole wheat bread crumbs, and baked in the oven, jasmine rice, and spicy green beans. I was pretty exhausted afterwards, so after 4 bites (from the carton) of CoMIC (Coconut Milk Ice Cream), I passed out!

This morning I woke up late (doh!) and was in a tad bit of a hurry so I had a quick bowl of Kashi Go Lean with CoM, banana and blueberries.

For lunch I had leftovers from dinner last night.

Snacks: 1.5 cups watermelon, 3 kashi crackers and 1 light Laughing Cow Swiss Wedge and 1 bottle Chocolate Soy Milk!

For dinner tonight, I am attempting a "low carb" pizza. It shall be interesting.

Training for tonight will be (weather permitting) 5 mile run (No puppy so I can get some serious pace training in) and of course, strength training. Go Muscles!!!!!

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