Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tofu Makes the World Go 'Round

Whew! Sorry I was MIA yesterday... gymnastics wears me out at night!
Quick synopsis of my meals yesterday and today:
  • Breakfast:Green Monster, same as Monday, but slightly more coconut milk and I shared it with live-in
  • Lunch: Sushi- tuna avocado roll, sweet potato tempura roll, plus salad and miso soup. I only had a few slurps of the miso.
  • Snack: pink lady apple and cheddar cheese "stick" cheese
  • Dinner: Amy's Quarter pounder Veggie burger-I suggest you run out and get immediately. So filling and tons of protein! with one slice of Swiss cheese, on a slice of Ezekiel bread with baked sweet potato fries (tomorrow I will give you the recipe for sweet potato fries!)

Wednesday (Wow, I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday!)
  • Breakfast: sadly, no Green Monster, because UPS refuses to leave my package from Amazing Grass, even though I FOLLOWED ALL THE APPROPRIATE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FORM-ugh
  • Lunch: I was late for work (what's new), only had time to make a white chocolate peanut butter and raspberry preserves sandwich on regular wheat bread. I picked up a cup of Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle soup and ate 1 stick cheddar cheese (It's stick because it doesn't break into strings)
  • Snack: apple and stick cheese
  • Dinner: Stir-fry: edamame, onion, asparagus, red bell pepper in sesame oil; udon noodles; tempura vegetables and tofu YUM!

So I am convinced that if Japanese people eat tempura veggies once in a while, that I can too because look how healthy they are. So eat your, er, tempura veggies!!
While I was at it, I baked 1/2 of the package of tofu in a splash of soy sauce for my lunch tomorrow. I'll let you know if it turns out how I hope!

Tomorrow I promise I will get you some recipes!

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