Friday, July 24, 2009

Quickie Friday Round-up

Hey Kiddos!
So it's Friday, and I packed up all my gear to spend the weekend with the folks, but I forgot my camera! I will have to update with pics later.
The day started, of course, with a GM around 5 am. They just give me energy for hours, which is so important when you are expecting your clients to be energetic, and put a lot of effort into their workouts. I had a couple training clients, then a little break for Free Coffee Friday which is every Friday until 9 am at the coffee shop across from my gym! How awesome is that? I am trying to cut out the use of Coffeemate, so I had mine with just a teeny splash of skim milk and a shot of sugar free hazelnut syrup. It was OK, no special treat, but it got the job done.
I snacked on a honey graham z bar, and then finished up with another client. After work, I ran home, got my stuff and did a mini grocery shop at the fanciest Kroger ever, They have a whole section of fancy cheeses. I found one today I really want to try some time, but it's more of a special occasion thing. It was a Stilton with blueberries in it! Oh it smelled DIVINE. Kind of like a blueberry cheesecake, but not as sweet. I scooped up some avocados, Amy's cheddar burgers, coconut milk for the hubby ( which I predict will be gone by the time he gets back in town :) ), and some larabars.
Lunch was a mound of guac on one of the cheddar veggie burgers, and a few organic blue corn chips on the side. It was yum.
Khaki and I settled in for a nice afternoon nap, and ever since I woke up, I have been SO lethargic! I had a night time run all planned out, which was especially important since my spin class was so full Tuesday that I didn't even get a bike! I just don't see that happening. I don't know what it is, maybe I am not getting enough sleep or water or something. I am also going to up my food intake over the next couple of days, maybe I am not getting enough. Hmmmm. any ideas? Anyone?
Anywho, this girl is having a very relaxing night snuggling with Khaki and catching up on some reading. I am trying to finish Chasing Harry Winston, but it's just kind of......meh. I can't wait to finish though, so I can start on my new Jillian Michaels Master your Metabolism. Should be an interesting read. i am not sure how I feel about a non-degreed trainer educating me on my endocrine system, but I saw that many docs were consulted. I am sure to learn something, right? :)
Hope all y'all have a great fuzzy snuggly bud tonight too! Happy weekend!

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  1. I didn't care for Chasing Harry Winston either. I think our chick lit book days are over.