Monday, July 20, 2009

Needles, needles, everywhere

Acupuncture just may be what every injury needs. Well, yanno, not broken bones or surgery, but for pulled muscles, tennis elbow, aches and pains, migraines, you get the picture.

So, lately, I've had a recurring nagging pain in my right knee. It's called Runner's Knee. It's not sore all the time, but it's a nagging pain that takes months to heal. My lifestyle does not support injuries.

Back in 2006, when Anna and I were training for St. Jude (Our first marathon), my IT band started to give me major trouble. I stretched, strengthened, iced, etc. On race day, I was in agnogizing pain and taking anti-inflammatories during a marathon of running causes the kidney to hold onto salts in the body, causing the body to swell. I was a swollen mess at the finish.

After the marathon, I consulted with (at my then job) the acupuncturist, Chuck Sullivan. I remember sitting in the chair waiting for the needles (expecting there to be immense pain) but there was no pain! Now, you can't move, because the needles are at certain points in the body, some of them being pressure points.
After my first session, I had some IT band pain, but the pain was definitely decreased. I went back for another session, and BAM. No more pain. I could run over 5 miles without IT problems!!! I was stoked-still am. Even the most non-believers have turned to acupuncture for help (my boss' boss). To this day, I've never had any more problems with my IT band!!!

So, back to the runner's knee. I made an appointment with Chuck Sullivan for last Friday and he worked his magic. I went for a run the next day and I am pain free in my knee!

I'm also having trouble with my right elbow (from using a mouse too much), but I know that will take more than one session. So, I shall be returning for more acupuncture soon!

Thanks, Master Chuck!

For any information on HOW acupuncture works, I suggest reading journal articles (PubMed) about the art.

Chuck Sullivan
Healing Arts Group
5575 Poplar Avenue #320
Memphis, TN 38119

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  1. Thank you sooo much for posting Dr. Chuck's info. I definitely want to try it. I'm sad I didn't get to see you this weekend. We were running around like crazy for Danny's wedding. Hope you're having a great week!