Thursday, July 23, 2009

Woah Nelly!

SOMEONE is behind on her Sorry about that, I am recovering from the craziness of last week still I guess.
My mom had her esophageal dilation today and is good as new, thanks for asking. :)

So I guess I will start this week-re cap with Morgan's visit last weekend! We, your friendly bloggers, had a 10 mile adventure run. It. Was. Awesome. Duh.

The weather here in Memphis was absolutely beautiful! I have been whining and bellyaching ( literally) about the oppressive heat we have had this summer, and last weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky, and I believe it was about 68˙ when we started running.
What's an adventure run? I'm glad you asked. An adventure run is when you slather on the sunscreen, and lace up your fave shoes, stick a 5er in your pocket and head out the door with no plan or schedule. This particular adventure run began with hopping a fence to get out of the gated community! The 2 of us weren't heavy enough to equal a car's weight on the sensor ( thank goodness).
We ran an we ran, and we ran, and we chatted, and laughed and let our imaginations run wild ( hands down the best part of an adventure run, btw)and we ran and we ran right into Fleet Feet, my fave Memphis running specialty store. We touched things, and I put a thing or 2 on hold to go back for later, and then we ran some more. On the run we fueled with Gatorade Fierce grape, which is super yummy. I love grape artificial flavor. I know I know, it's all sugar and artificial, but those sports drinks are necessary to keep my electrolytes in check, y'all!
Post-run we refueled with a dope GREEN MONSTER, and a glass of coconut milk.

Nothing like a GM in a Coors Light glass! haha!
Then lunch was a mishmash of yummy veggie goods.

It was the perfect run!
Later in the week, I finally made Hubby banana- creme. I call it that because its not ice cream, but it is "creamy" so i figure the European spelling works in this case.
He LOVED it! he could not get over the fact that it was completely non-dairy, and no sugar added!!! He is currently eating a dairy free diet for professional reasons, and he is a milk lover, so I am excited to get creative! I see lots of almond and coconut milk in our future. :) Fine by me.
Today was a stressful day with my mom's procedure ( evidently they gave her that Michael Jackson drug, and she said she would be disappointed if she couldn't moon walk when she came out!) I was glad to teach a killer spin class tonight! My legs were burning and i was a sweaty sweaty mess by the end. Prior to spin, I did a little hamstring resistance training. I did :
  • 3x 16 walking lunges with 20 lb dumbbells
  • 3x 12 deadlifts with the 45 lb power bar
  • 3 x 12 leg curls on the machine, at 60 lbs.
Yowza. My hammies are tight tonight! I think I'm going to try a yoga class tomorrow to stretch them out. I normally HATE yoga. HATE. But I am trying to like it because I need the flexibility work. Ill have a full report for you tomorrow!

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  1. It sure was an awesome adventure run! Plus we got to lay out afterwards, double plus.

    I'm gonna need to make my 20 miler next week an adventure somehow....

    Any suggestions?