Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Detox

In retrospect, pizza is bad. I only "feel good" eating pizza after a couple of hard weeks of running and working out, working hard, eating right, etc. Plus, being fully hydrated helps when scarfing down salty, cheesy goodness. I definitely gained some water weight this weekend and I plan on shredding that today and I hope it takes a few fat pounds with it!

I think also, when I eat bagels, the same feeling happens to me....swelling, puffiness, etc. Pattern: white flour + Salt. Back away Beene. BAD! I can't believe I would eat a bagel a day just a few years ago!!! Now, it's a bagel twice a month!

When I eat "bad" I feel mentally foggy. I can't read anything, can't think right, etc. Does anyone else get this feeling? This is why I am OCD about my nutrition, not just for training, but for my brain too!

Today's plan not exceed 1200 calories:

Ginger Lemon Green Tea
Green Monster SuperFood

Salad: spinach, onion, sunflower seeds, chick peas, boiled egg, 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing
pumpernickel roll

Dinner: Steamed Veggies, Baked Chicken, Jasmine Rice.

Gym: Running 45minutes, Cardio Sculpt Class

What do you do when you eat badly and feel bad too?

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